Residential Services

Locksmith Scottsdale provide the following additional services:

House Lockout
Locks Change/Repair


Duplicate Keys


Electronic Locks/Key Pads


Non-Destructive Entry


Rekey/ Master key


Garage Locks


Custom Surveillance Systems


Total Home Security


Screen & Garage Door Locks


Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts



Locksmith is a service provider who provides routine services to its customers along with emergency services. We provide emergency core, key and cylinder repairing services. We take care of our customers need and provide them the best online services available with us. We promise to handle all your complaints and requests in a prompt and courteous manner.

From the day we have opened our store, we have been running the business smoothly. We provide the best locksmith services with the most affordable prices that our customers can pay. Our policy is to serve you on time at best service rates.  Residential locksmith services provide the safes for you to keep your possessions in the safest place. As soon as you file a request for any assistance with your residential safes and locks, we will be there to serve you in near about 20 minutes.  Following is a list of various services that we provide:

1. Departmental Rekeying: In case there is a need to rekey your suit which may be due to some security reasons or change of place, all you have to do is file a request with locksmith residential services and our team will be there in no time.

2. Repairing cabinet keys and cabinet locks: We are happy to help you in case of routine request or emergency. We provide service for cutting desks, cabinet and locker keys along with repairing service for your desks, cabinet, lockers and safe locks.

3. Service for Duplicate Keys: Whether you require duplicate keys for you office or room Locksmith services are all that you have to count on. In case you are locked out of your house, and do not have a spare key, just call our residential locksmith services and we will be there shortly.

4. Gun Safes: Residential Locksmith Services would recommend you to use gun safes if you possess a gun. This will make it safe to keep a gun especially when you have children at home. Having a gun safe will not only prevent your children to hold your weapon accidentally but also prevent burglars to enter your house and steal your weapon. All you have to do is speak to our gun safe assistant and our best member will be there to assist you.

6. Requests regarding Malfunctioning core and door locks: For issues like key getting stuck in the door, core is facing problem to be turned while locking or opening the door and core spinning in the door you can contact our FM call centre for which our team will be there to help you as soon as possible. Our team will also be there to give you services in case you are facing a problem with your overhead cabinets or desks.

So, Locksmith Residential service is there to handle your requests and guide you with the security methods that can be used by you to keep you and your family safe.